Children and Beekeeping as a Beneficial and Educational Hobby

Children who are fond of bees can start beekeeping at the right age that they can understand directions very well. The best age for beekeeping among children is at the age of five. It is not recommended to start beekeeping any younger than that.

One of the strange things to learn from bees is that they can still sting even though they are already dead. Thus, children must be told to be extra careful in handling dead bees. They must wear their gloves and be aware of holding the bodies of the bees.

Surprisingly, bees are believed to be responsive to the emotional signals of the beekeepers. In connection with this, it is not recommended to open a hive if you believe that you are not in your good mood. Nevertheless, this can be the best learning tool for the children to learn how to manage their self-control and to practice patience.

Children and beekeeping are interrelated as the latter has its positive effects on the behavior of the kids. Caring for the hives and the bees has shown its significant and calming effect to them. The responsibility of beekeeping guides children to feeling good about their own selves. They have something to really be proud of.

Here are the following things to consider by parents for their children in beekeeping:

  • Safety is one of the important things to pay attention with when teaching beekeeping among children. Children also need to be suited up in their right protective gear before they start on working with the bees.

The good news is that supply stores are selling beekeeper’s suits that fit to all sizes of children. Parents need to have their children properly protected by getting them the right fit of beekeeper’s suits. Their suit should be loose enough for them to be able to work comfortably and perfectly.

  • In addition, it is just right to prepare for liquid antihistamine as part of the precautionary measures. Parents must be aware that when their children get stung, this is already a sign of an allergic reaction.
  • Among the things that might occur as part of the allergic reaction include fainting, vomiting and feeling tingly. The need of going to the bathroom immediately is also a sign of an allergic reaction. If the following signs are exhibited by your child, it is right to get assistance from the medical personnel.
  • In gearing up and preparing the kids for beekeeping, search for the bee supply store or go for online shopping for the basic and gear supplies in different sizes for your children. Upon ordering a beekeeping starter kit or a hive, let them start building the hive. This gives them the opportunity of getting a good look in the interior part of the hive before it is filled up with the bees.
  • Children also need to learn more about the various castes, kinds of bees, responsibilities of the caste and the like. There are the queen bees, the drone bees and the worker bees.

The female bees are the worker bees that are doing all of the work. They also perform various tasks based on their age. They are keeping their hive clean and feeding the larvae.

The male bees are the drone bees with the job of mating with the queen. They usually have fat bodies that help in keeping their hive warm. When they are not anymore needed, they are being forced out of their hives.

The job of the queen bees is to be able to breed. As they stay in their hives, they are being cared of by their daughters.

Beekeeping can truly be a rewarding experience for children. There are lots of websites and books that help kids in getting started. Similarly, there are many people with lots of experience who are happy to be their guides.

Family Movies

Watching movies is such a fun and enjoying thing to do especially when you are with your family. Spending time watching family movies can be a great way that will best help you develop to create that especial bonding and good relationship that you had. Movies are of different types and genres. This can either be a comedy, drama, educational or an action movie, whatever it is movies are created to give that entertainment to the viewers.

What are the best family movies?

  • Adventure movies– this kind of movies is really fun to watch especially for the kids. Since movies are f great impact on them it is important to choose adventure movies wherein they will learn something new and they can able to enhance more of their imagination.
  • Comedy movies– watching comedy movies is somehow helpful for the families because it provide a sense of enjoyment and pleasure. This kind of movie is the best to watch because it can reduce the stress and whatever problem that you are experiencing.
  • Family story movies– watching movies that shows the importance of family is a good movie to watch, because through it families will be more inspire and they will be given the ideas to help the family to adopt some of the good values that can be useful to build a strong relationship.
  • Sci-Fi movies– this kind of movie allows the viewers to create certain imagination. It is fun to watch because you can see here some of the happenings that you didn’t think will happen in real life. In choosing Sci-fi movies make sure that your kids can relate on it.

Some more of the family movies are:

  • Fantasy movies
  • Fun cartoon movies
  • Mystery movies
  • Superhero movies
  • Animated movies

What are the benefits of watching movies together with the family?

  1.  Watching movies together can create special bonding.
  2.  It can enhance the relationship of a family.
  3.  By watching movies together, parents can able to guide their children.
  4.  Watching movies can make you feel more relax.
  5.  Watching movies can help you discover of new things.
  6.  Watching movies provide thrilling experience.
  7.  It can make family laugh and enjoy.
  8.  In can serve as an inspiration.


Family movies are created to give that entertainment and enjoyment to the family viewers. Parents can help on the development of their children if they will expose them on good movies. It should create a new learning experiences for the children that by watching movies they can draw their connections and own conclusion. Talking with your child as you were watching movies together can help encourage a more interactive viewing. If you are experiencing stress at work or if you have some problems, well it’s time for you to take a break and enjoy your time with your family. Watching movies can be the best hangout that you can do to take pleasure in. Eating and watching family movies together is the best thing to do that the family will definitely enjoy.

Preparing Healthy Snacks for Your Kids

Kids’ day will never be complete without eating their favorite choice of foods during their snack time. It is only natural for kids to love snack breaks and even look forward for that period to come. What is not natural is that, when snack break eventually come, the first choice of foods that will come to your kid’s mind are junk foods, which are unhealthy foods.


For parents, that is worrying especially if you are training your kids to eat healthy foods only. There will be cases when you would ensure to prepare healthy snacks for them to prevent them from eating junk foods. But, when they came home and you checked their lunch box, you will see that the foods you prepared is left untouched.

Of course, there are ways when you can eventually be successful in getting your kids to eat only those healthy foods and snacks. The only way that can happen is to make them interested and tempted of the snacks you are preparing. To make it easier for you, here are the lists of healthy snack ingredients you can use in preparing snacks that will surely make your kids want more once they got a taste of it.

Cheese – Everyone knows that cheese is rich in protein, which just makes it a perfect ingredient in preparing healthy snacks for your kids. Cheese will provide your kids with energy that can last until dinnertime. So, why not make use of your creative cooking minds and spice up your kid’s snacks. Make them crave the snacks you are preparing by making pretzel sticks with cheese sticking on it including cubes of their favorite fruits. The combination of colors is already eye-catching enough for them to notice the snack you prepared and be delighted of the mixture of taste that will be left on their taste buds. You can also so cut the cheese into several shapes.

Peanut Butter – Of course, kids will always love peanut butter and your kids are no exception to that. Taking advantage of its richness in fiber and protein, why not starts preparing peanut butter jelly sandwiches combined with rice cakes or mini waffles rather than bread. Or, you can also prepare frozen treats with peanut butter as the main ingredient. That includes preparing yogurt popsicles dipped in peanut butter and raspberry syrup.

Baked Goods – Muffins? If your kids do not love eating fruits, you can still do something about that by preparing baked goodies with fruits toppings or even making them as the main ingredient for the recipe you have in mind. Try baking banana bread, carrot bars of zucchini muffins.

Homemade Chips – Parents know that any kind of chips is already considered as junk foods. But, if you still want your kids to eat chips, then prepare your homemade chips. Just include or mix herbs and spices on your homemade chips recipe and your kids will be all wow for those chips.

Whole Grain Cereal – It is known to be rich in calcium, fiber, and vitamins. So, why not add some fruits, milk and healthy snack will be created. To add some flavors, glaze the snack with yogurt and top it with dried strawberries.

With these healthy snacks, you can stop worrying about your child eating junk foods every snack breaks. Then, you are assured that you have finally gotten rid your child of eating junk foods.