Is the weight loss industry a giant scam?

Yes I said it, the weight loss industry might be just another huge scam. Why should I make wild allegations like that? Well it’s simple more and more people are trying to lose weight day by day and they don’t manage to do it. This means that something is wrong with the system. First of all there’s no shortage of miracle products on the market.

It seems that every week there another new product, workout or diet on the market which promises everything. My question would be if there’s one products out there that actually works for everybody why would be there a new release every week?

You probably see that I’m on to something don’t you? Here’s the cold hard truth. Most workout programs and diets work. Well at least for a few select people. For others it’s a just a waste of time and money.

Did you know that the supplement industry isn’t regulated? When the FTC actually comes down with the hammer it’s usually for false advertising. This happens because the supplement industry is highly lobbying to stay unregulated. So they can actually push out to the market substances which were never tested or studied for long time. This is what they do let’s make the most money in the shortest amount of time and avoid consequences and side effects.

If you ask me this is not right. So I urge you to double check the claims that companies are making. And if you see something that is too outrages to believe, run the other way. They just want to take your money and they won’t care about the nasty side effects that you might suffer from their product.

The thing is there are only a handful of supplements today on the market which have been scientifically proven to lose weight. One of these is called pure garcinia cambogia.

A few year ago it has spontaneously appeared on the Dr. Oz show. Since then it has taken the world by storm. Last time I checked it’s the #1 rated weight loss supplement on the market. Do you remember African mango or raspberry ketones? Well garcinia is bigger than all of these combined.

So what do we really know about garcinia? Well there were two studies conducted a few years ago and they have proven that it has weight loss properties. So even though this is an unregulated market this product has been through some trials and passed.

But what do ordinary people say about it when they have tried it. To my amazement everybody is super excited about garcinina. I’ve been following a facebook weight loss group where people share their experiences about using the garcinia extract. In simple terms everybody is just raving about it.

Important thing that you need to know about garcinia is that not all are the same and have the same effect as well. Sadly there are rotten apples in the pile because once something gets popular cheap knockoffs are sure to follow. And this is the case with garcinia as well. So I advise you to be careful when you purchase your package and double check the information on the bottle.