Choosing Best Fish for Aquaponics

If you are interested to setup your own aquaponics, choosing the best fish for aquaponics plays a very imperative role. The joy of harvesting fish from your own aquaponics is certainly incomparable and satisfying. Aquaponics system is an integral option that will assure that the fish that you can get are healthy and nutritious.

Luckily, there are several types of fishes that you can raise using aquaponics. You can have the best opportunity to keep high variety of fish into your tank. Before you start with aquaponics check, it is very important if you are fully aware the type of fish that you can select for this endeavor. The weather condition in your region is one of the important factors that you have to keep in mind. Local fish species of fish are simpler to find and you don’t even need a license or permit to nurture them. On the other hand, exotic fish or foreign may have certain legal restriction, so be sure get the advise of an expert in this case.


Tilapia is considered as one of the most preferred fish among people who have aquaponic. Tilapia is tasteful and clean and can simply adapt to close tanks. The best thing about Tilapia is they can eat any food you will feed them. The harvesting period of this fish is from 4 to 6 months, which may depend on the desirable size. Tilapia also prefers warmer water as well. Raising tilapia in your aquaponics gives you the chance to have a nutritious and delicious fish. You can add your herbs and vegetables you grown from your aquaponics along with this fish.

Murray Cod

This is an ideal option if you want to stock several fish in just one big tank. This type of fish can grow easily even in an environment that is close. Murray Cod has a big appetite, meaning you need to feed them with bigger chunks of food because hunger can stress the fish causing them to assault each other. This is intended for people who have the right time to care the system or else the fish will die.


Catfish is also an ideal fish for aquaponics system for the reason that they can easily adapt to this new environment and they can grow easily. Even though they can adopt in polluted ponds or harsh environment, they cannot thrive in dirty water, if you will put them in aquaponics they will surely grow big especially if they are well fed.

With aquaponics the choices for the fish that you can use are endless. You just have to know on how to provide the best care and maintenance that the fish needed. If you can master this aspect, it will certainly help you raise a fish and at the same time have a vegetable garden that is very healthy without the worry that the vegetable uses fertilizers or pesticides. This is an essential choice for you to be able to have the great opportunity to enjoy the time.